Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy smegBirthday

Our good friend SmegB is all of 25 years old today. So first off congratulations for that: he's managed to feed and clothe himself, and NOT get run over by a bus for a quarter century. This proves that EVE is not an accurate reflection of real life, because in EVE Smeg goes though ships like I go through a bag of cookies.

This comic had Sayid and I reflecting on how growth and change occur in EVE and how that affects our game-play. As most of you know, I am not a member of the 'next big ship' club, and Sayid is even less 'big ship' oriented than I. I would wager that Sayid is the oldest char in game who has NEVER flown a BC or larger. Hell, the boy still waxes dreamily about his destroyer. Now that's not everyone's style, but one thing about moving up to a big ship is that you're moving into a ship you have weak skills in. Sayid recently fitted a Caracal. With a year of skills in missiles, shields, agility (he's a inty specialist really), he can really fly the hell out of that thing.

Interestingly, Smeg, after months of experimenting in Cerberuses (Cerberi?), is back in his old baby, a Raven. I haven't really asked, but I'm curious if it doesn't just 'fit' him better? I would bet that after all those months of increasing the missile bonuses to max out the Cerb, a Raven is even sweeter than it was before. EVE is unique (I assume) in that skill trainings allow you to pimp not only one's ride, but also oneself.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Patch Day

Ah, patch day. A day for relaxation, maybe some exercise. Sunlight perhaps. Catch up on a good book. Eat food that doesn't come packed in Styrofoam.

Let's not kid ourselves. These hours spent with EVE-Off-line are spent like an addict without his crack: scavenging behind the couch for just one hit, curled up in a ball rocking back an forth, or figuring out who to offer to blow for just one rock. But those minutes furtively checking to see the queue come back on the log-in screen finally pay off, and you can be the first person to see what crazy-ass bug has infected the chat window, or the first to petition that failed market sale.

So I hope you took the chance to check in with family and friends today. See if your pet/ kids are still alive. They are? Good. Has your wife left without you noticing? No? Excellent. See you in space.