Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy smegBirthday

Our good friend SmegB is all of 25 years old today. So first off congratulations for that: he's managed to feed and clothe himself, and NOT get run over by a bus for a quarter century. This proves that EVE is not an accurate reflection of real life, because in EVE Smeg goes though ships like I go through a bag of cookies.

This comic had Sayid and I reflecting on how growth and change occur in EVE and how that affects our game-play. As most of you know, I am not a member of the 'next big ship' club, and Sayid is even less 'big ship' oriented than I. I would wager that Sayid is the oldest char in game who has NEVER flown a BC or larger. Hell, the boy still waxes dreamily about his destroyer. Now that's not everyone's style, but one thing about moving up to a big ship is that you're moving into a ship you have weak skills in. Sayid recently fitted a Caracal. With a year of skills in missiles, shields, agility (he's a inty specialist really), he can really fly the hell out of that thing.

Interestingly, Smeg, after months of experimenting in Cerberuses (Cerberi?), is back in his old baby, a Raven. I haven't really asked, but I'm curious if it doesn't just 'fit' him better? I would bet that after all those months of increasing the missile bonuses to max out the Cerb, a Raven is even sweeter than it was before. EVE is unique (I assume) in that skill trainings allow you to pimp not only one's ride, but also oneself.

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Mojo said...

Happy B'day Smeggy,

I just hope the Privateer Alliance don't pop your CNR as a gift.