Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Power of One

Let's talk about the power of one for a few minutes. Or the lack there-of: By my rough count, at least 6 members of this corp (perhaps 9 of us) have access to lvl 4 agents. As far as I know, only one of us is regularly doing lvl 4's because the rest of us just don't feel safe soloing these missions. This is ENTIRELY appropriate, because lvl 4's are not meant to be soloed unless you own a pimped out T2/faction, specialty mission grind-mobile.

We are, as individuals and as a corp, letting a huge resource go to waste. Some of this is understandable: most of the older guys have their 'good' agents in The Citadel, a scant 74 jumps from home. I'm not sure who else has a 'local' agent, but my lvl 4 agent is 10 jumps away from our nearest corp office. But it was not always thus: I remember a time, not long ago, when we were soooo excited to get a group together and gang a lvl 4. In fact, Mojo lost his first Ferox that way (or was it his second.....).

CCP says that in the near future it will add lvl 5 and 6 missions to the game and these will be IMPOSSIBLE to do solo. So let's get ahead of the curve. Every activity doesn't have to be circle jerk, but maybe grab a friend in a BC, and another friend in a destroyer/cruiser set for salvage and go nuts. I can personally say that a mission with Sayid as my wingman is far better than any mission solo.

Unless I get really nice loot, then screw him.

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