Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Vision does Not Equal Foresight

Dear Diary: Sayid's a jerk, and he makes fun of my writing. I hope the belt rats shoot him.

Despite appearences, this script was preplanned, not just thought up at the last minute. You non-miners probably think this is how we actually work: we just set the miners on the rocks and check out. This is NOT actually the case. Sayid and I spent most of the past weekend together, working on the comic. In fact, we spent all of Saturday night working on the comic, and if you think those 3 hours sitting on the outdoor patio of a restaurant overlooking a river, while a cute waitress brought us beer wasn't work, then I just don't know how to explain it.

I spent the entire day yesterday inside a 10 part storyline mission. I can't complain: I got this great piece of loot last night: Ocular Filter- Standard! My first +4, and it's worth a couple of ISK too. Still have 3 more parts to go, as well.

But I haven't actually 'played' EVE, as in interacted with any real people since last week, when Carita and I killed 2 frigs in PVP. I'd call that a rousing success if I hadn't forgotten to launch my drones. That's right, 3 million skill points in drones and I can't even remember to launch them. I just sat there wondering why this guy was lasting so long under the massive hit points that are my lame heavy missile skills (60,000 sp in missiles ftw!) Thankfully Carita was there with his usual cool manner to mop the guy up. And then this dude actually talked smack in local. It takes a lot of balls to attack someone, die and then jaw in local about how unfair it was. Not a lot of brains, but a lot of balls.

In the wider EVE-world, those of you who are interested in buying a stealth bomber had better jump on it, or wait a loooonnnggg time, while the market equalizes. The buff to bombers on Sisi, the talk of new 'bomb launchers' and the EVE-Tribune article have sent the prices through the roof. I know the price for the Gallente version (Nemesis) is up 400%. The others have jumped similarly, to as much as 30 million isk. Nice to have been slow on yet another EVE market opportunity.

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