Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Point

I want to follow up on Tuesdays blog, and talk some more about the direction the ACU is taking. Or directions. Or more accurately, the direction the corp members are looking. Or directions. I think we are looking past each other, like a bunch of cross-eyed hammerhead sharks, and in doing so we are squandering a huge opportunity. I'd like to encourage people to look within the corp, rather than outside the corp for resources.

For example, Mojo had to buy a rig that I have a fully researched bpo for because I haven't advertised my building skills. This meant he payed more than he needed too, and I lost badly needed isk. So many of the builders have purchased and researched duplicate bpo's that I want to tear my hair out. Carita is a ship-building machine just looking for things to build. He's got a growing business and reputation in the region. What ever the opposite of synergy is, we are currently taking it to new levels.

Here's an idea: I think our corp needs some sort of classified adds, our own internal Craig's list. The 'new' contract system is designed for something like this. Every time I look at my contracts page it says I can make "up to 500" personal or corp wide contracts. Imagine putting open contracts for ore or mins, or rigs or equipment, or ships. Going further, how about contracting someone to salvage for you. Or even tank for you, which is the only way I'll ever try another lvl 4 mission, having just lost my SECOND Domi in as many weeks, on as many missions. How much do you think Kris would charge to sit afk in his tanking Drake?

Sayid says I should get off my damn soap-box. Admittedly that last example was extreme, but not THAT extreme. Tuesday was the first time I've done a mission with a corp mate in at least a month, probably more. I learned more tricks from Mojo in one hour than I care to list, admittedly most of them AFTER I blew up. Some of us need to get hit over the head to learn. I'm one of those people. If the rest of you can't learn from my mistakes, then I'll just wait for you to learn from your own.

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