Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Appearances May Be Deceiving

Stop me if you've heard this story...When Mojo was like, 3 months old, he had Ferox, which he thought was the baddest thing in EVE. One day he and I were finishing up a lvl 2 mission (for the record, I couldn't have done it without him) and a much younger corp mate was hollering in corp chat that he was being ore-thieved "by some guy in a cruiser." Mojo and I rushed to the belt where he was, to see a guy in a Curse baiting our mate by stealing his ore, bumping his ship... the usual. Mojo was all for charging in, guns a-blazin'. Not me, for the simple reason that I recognized that the 'cruiser' was a Tech2, PVP demon ship. I talked Mojo out of it by convo-ing the Curse in local, and asking him, theoretically, how long he thought it take to kill us. I don't recall the answer, but it was something like "ha ha ha, evil laughter." This guy boasted that he'd killed 4 ravens, at one time. We said thank you very much sir, please enjoy our ore, and moved on.

At the time, I had just enough experience at the time to know that T2 ships may have the same hull as a T1 ship, they are entirely different beasts underneath. One thing that drives me crazy in Eve is that much of the game has an "optimal" way of doing things. Each ship has a 'best' configuration of modules, and everyone uses it. At this point, any time you see a drake, you know it will be set up for tanking. Seems to me like shooting at the Drake is the dumbest thing you can do. One of my favorite recent videos is the Osprey of Doom, which I love because this guy's set-up is definitely NOT the standard. Of course you can bet that lots of people went out and set up their ospreys that way afterwards.

I'm trying to make a point here, but I'll be damned if I know what it is. Sayid doesn't know either, but he says I should always reference the comic. The point is NOT that Sub doesn't know what we look like, and the point is NOT that Sayid and I don't write ourselves into our own damn Webcomic, although both of those are true. The point is, the point is, is.....

Screw it, find your own damn point.

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Anonymous said...

Great comic again guys, that really had me chuckling.

As for the blog, well I do remember that story very well, and I often use it as a shining example of my noobishness and stupidity. I remember actually thinking at the time that this is only a cruiser albeit an Elite one. I was in a BATTLECRUISER which was exactly how I thought of it, in big caps :-) I launched my 4, yes four didn't have the skills for 5, small drones and was ready to tear into this insignificant Curse.

I was about to target the guy when I felt Oro's hand on my leash pulling me back and shouting, " Down boy". Thankfully on that day I listened to him and have always been greatful to him for that ever since.

To me the point of Oro's blog is that looks can be deceiving. I built an Osprey of Doom, and I love it. It's good fun to fly. I also am a big fan of unusual setups. I like the way they can catch someone by surprise and in a fight, sometimes, that is all the edge you need.

I use an unusual setup on my Raven for PvP. I fit a heavy Neutralizer. I think it was Kristov that first mentioned to me that they were under used in PvP and that got me thinking. They do use an inordinate amount of your own cap when activated, so that is probably why not many people use them. However on my Raven I have plenty of cap so I can fit one and use it for long enough to kill someone.

I had a fight with one of Cognet's Rokhs a couple of days ago. The Rokh was setup as a blaster boat and I stayed in optimal range for them during the fight.

It was really good to test my setup in a realistic fight, we agreed to go to 50% armour. The Rokh used 24x 800s cap booster charges and my NOS/ Neut combo sucked him dry. I won the battle by reducing the Rokh to 30% armour (ooops) whilst I had 90% amour left.

The point I am trying to make is that the DPS on the Rokh far exceeded my Raven's, but with my unusual setup I had the edge and it worked out well for me.

Buy a cheap ship and play around with it, there are always people around to test it on.

Do I get a prize for longest comment?