Tuesday, May 8, 2007

First things First

Mojo stop drooling!

RL work day sucked today. Sucked. And all I could think about is how much I wanted to be playing EVE. Which then got me thinking about what parts of Eve start to feel like work. Now Sayid says that drawing a pirate hat that does NOT look like a banana is work, but I suspect that he's just being one of those whiny artist-types.

I was actually thinking about something more like, oh.... I don't know... corp mining. Now I actually am a miner at heart, and shooting rocks seems to be safer than shooting missions NPC's. For those of you keeping count I've lost 2 Ravens and 1 Myrm in past 2 weeks. But I will admit that mining, or worse yet hauling is work. So as much as I hate seeing suck-ass turnout for mining ops, it's not hard to understand. A bunch of us got into a conversation last week about how to scare, encourage, cajole, push, punish, reward, or offer cookies to get people to be more team-ish. But I'm starting to speculate that we'll eagerly participate in what feels fun, and grudgingly do what helps the cause. Again, after a hard day of work, why would anyone want more work?

So a couple questions: What parts of the game do you really enjoy, and do you spend enough time doing it? Do other folks in the corp know what you really like doing, and could we be joining you? Could the corp turn that into some sort of group op with you or for you?


Anonymous said...

Awesome comic as usual guys, well done. I admit it, I drooled. I may have to commision Sayid to do some " Special " drawings of Lilith for me :-)

On the topic of work in Eve I agree whole heartedly that for a combat Char a mining op is the worst kind of work. My feelings on people that pay real money to CCP for the dubious pleasure of a little afk mining are well known.

What might not be so well known is my feelings on mission running. Once you achieve a certain lvl of skills and experience mish whoring becomes work too. I am not yet ready to risk my Raven soloing any bar the easiest of Lvl 4's, so I am stuck grinding out Lvl 3's.

There is no Lvl 3 mish that comes close to worrying me, and I regularly complete the missions without using a shield booster and finally complete the mish with 70% shields. As they are no longer a challenge they bore the arse (ass for the Yanks) off of me.

I think a load of us should grab some caracals and go find some trouble in lowsec or start doing complexes as a corp. It will certainly break the monotony.

I feel better after my moan, thx guys the cheque for the therapy is in the post :-)


SmegB said...

We have to stop Mojo obsessing over Lilith, its making me ill. Maybe charge him everytime he talks about/to her. Corp would be rich then!

Great comic again folks, I really look forward to reading them cos they are all good.

As for your blog, I agree. There are a few activities in Eve you could consider 'work' and hauling is definitely the main protaganist. I, for one, actually enjoy mission whoring even tho not 80% of lvl 4's are a doddle and I dont do the other 20%. I just sit there, firing missile after missile while watching a film or something. Great fun

Even I get bored sometimes tho and its always nice to have something else to do. Everything eventually gets boring at some point and thats where the corp is so good. Even with nothing to do, there's always someone to talk to or take the piss out of (hey mojo) or help out.

Even work can be fun when you're doing it with someone else.

What a load of crap I just wrote......