Thursday, May 17, 2007

EVE and the Outside World

I have not been on EVE a whole lot this week, but I have played it on 4 different computers. These 2 things are linked: I have had on-going problems with my Dell PC, and now the repair guys think the motherboard has a short somewhere. (New commercial idea: "Dude, you're getting F**ked"). So I used my wifes laptop when I could (thank you Intel Macs that run windows), and my old computer (thank you inability to throw out any electronics), and now finally my new computer. I still have to run EVE on Windows (for now), but let me tell you, at 1600x1050 resolution, even a Kestrel looks gorgeous.

So I should playing a little more this week. Sayid, alas probably will not be. He's serving a 25 years to life sentence for beating a student to death. It was understandable: Sayid is in charge of the school graduation booklet, already late for the printing shop, and some kid brought him changes tonight at 9:30. We are appealing the case on grounds of justifiable homicide, but you know how Texas is....

I would direct your attention to this weeks EVE Tribune, specifically the Corporations article. I found it super thoughtful. Not interested in getting out the soap-box tonight, but it was a great comfort to know that what we're going through is a typical growing pain for corps our age/size.

We hope this will be the end of the "are they or aren't these guys Oro and Sayid" controversy. We've had fun with these two characters and they'll be back...probably to do embarrassing things to other corp members.


SubTig said...

I think really they should come back, cos I think, bit of skill training I can take them. If not take out the two you and say I made a mistake. Either way I'll feel better.

Ooo need to say FIRST followed by can I have your stuff?

Orontes said...

Quote: Ooo need to say FIRST followed by can I have your stuff?

ah, props to a true Forum warrior

Anonymous said...

Another great strip guys.

I read the Eve Trib article about corps and it got me thinking about our beloved ACU. Yes, we are having growing pains and sometimes we don't always get things right, and very rarely we get things abosolutely wrong. What we have to remember is this is EVE, it's a game where learning is a continuous process. The important thing, for me, is not to try to always get things right, that is as impossible in EVE as it is in RL. The important thing is to learn, learn from our mistakes, and learn from the mistakes of others.

When I first was recruited (conned?) by Smeg into joining ACU I was on the lowest rung on the ladder. I had the least SP, the least knowledge, and the weakest ship in the corp. I had joined a corp where the top guys were very close knit and it became very apparent that there was nowhere for me to grow as a player.

No doubt Oro, Sayid, Sub and Smeg will recall many many occasions where I railed against the fact that I couldn't climb the corp ladder :-) However, the ACU that we are part of today is very different from the ACU of my EVE youth (back in the days when 5 isk could by you a can of Quaff, six packs of Crash, a Ferox and you'd still have change left over for an Exotic Dancer).

The reason that ACU has changed is down to our Glorious Leader Subtig. There was a time when ACU was virtually dead in the water. Oro and Sayid had left to hang around street corners mugging old ladies and ACU kind of lost it's will to live for a while.

It was at this point that Subtig decided to make a radical change. He promoted myself and Kristov to Directors. This is by no means a small thing, Sub had always previously stated that ACU would never have Directors. For Sub to put his trust in myself and Kris was a very big deal, and by doing so he saved the corp. Not because me and Kris are so good, although we are :-), but because by doing so he opened up the running of ACU to others, he promoted from within.

Sub created the conditions in which there could be a number of Officers, that were also promoted from within ( Oro and Sayid TBH I never considered that you left), and he has endowed those Officers with roles and responsibilities to get their jobs done. He has given myself and Kris the freedom to actually manage the day to day running of ACU and to meet the objectives that he sets.

I am quick to poke fun at Sub, but I want you all to know I also really respect him. If Sub hadn't made these changes ACU might not have survived a painful adolescence. As ACU grows there will be more Officers and jobs needing to be filled, for a new member ACU has more opportunities now than ever before.

Let me finish by saying thank you to Sub. Thank you for the trust, and the freedom, and thank you for learning to be a great CEO.

Did I mention I really, really miss Lilith? :-)


Anonymous said...


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