Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mein Covetor

Two guys I know got into this convo yesterday about whether or not to insure a dedicated mission/ratting ship. The details aren't important, but one guy mentioned he'd had the same ship for 7 months. That got me thinking and I realized my Retriever is almost a year old.

It's not the 'best' time to be a miner: the mineral prices have more or less tanked, but it's pretty cool to be able to say I've been in the same ship for a whole year. Especially in my case, since most of my ships have a life-cycle of a fruit fly. Sayid's been in the same Moa for over a year, but that hardly counts. To use the insect analogy again, I like to think of Sayid as more of a "collector." Each of his ships stays safely pinned to a little card in his hangar, where he can look at it at his leisure.

So here's to my mining ships: "Om's Little Turtle" and "De Chelonian Mobile" They have served me well and faithfully and I will fly them as long as I can. And if an eagle (or a Raven or Moa) should attack me, I will bite them in the nuts (let's see if we have any DiscWorld scholars other than Kris)

I now yield the floor to Mojo...


Anonymous said...

collecting ships is fun :)


Anonymous said...

Firstly, allow me to thank the Right Honourable Mr. Ovasi for yeilding the floor, and allow me to ask WTF was that? I feel cheated by such a meagre blog. Oro, I enjoy your blog as much as I enjoy the comic strip, this latest paltry offering has left me wanting more. So please give us something with more meat in it next time :-)

I recall the conversation you mention in todays blog, probably because I was one half of the people having that conversation and I wanted to comment on it, and a conversation I had with somebody else later on. The issue of to insure or not to insure was to do with whether it was worth the isk.

The conversation I had later on was also to do with isk, and it got me thinking about what isk means to all of us. To me isk is worthless, beyond buying my next ship or next mod I really dont care about it. That is probably why I am quick to offer it to other people and why I sell stuff to corp members at knock down prices. If we were paid interest on the isk in our wallets it would make sense to want to keep as much in there as possible, however as we don't get interest there is no purpose to having a full wallet other than to look at the pretty string of numbers.

There are corp members that have received loans and gifts from me in the past and they no doubt will do so again, but what has captured my interest is what you guys think of isk. Some of you are prudent, even miserly with your isk, whilst others spend spend spend. Do you view having a full wallet as a symbol of status or success?

In my opinion having 500 billion isk in my wallet is of little significance or importance. I do not want to be judged by how much isk I have, I would rather be judged by my actions. Why Would I want 500 bliion isk if I had nothing to spend it on? I would much rather assist my friends with it and draw pleasure from the feeling that helping them gives me.

I look forward to reading your views. BTW another great comic, Sayid your artwork is amazing, Oro you know I am already a fan of your work :-)


kpcnsk said...

Sayid thinks what Mojo really wants is his own blog. They're free at blogspot. :)

Anonymous said...


I have asked Oro repeatedly whether he minds my comments and he assures me he likes tham. However, he has asked that they are shorter than his original blog, which I am happy to accommodate.