Thursday, May 31, 2007

He ain't heavy...He's my brother

Sorry gang. Not a good week for the strip. Sayid's computer/software keeps crashing and it's midnight (almost) and my personal rule is no computer repairs after 10pm. Nothing good comes from troubleshooting this time of night.

Sayid's on vacation next week, so I'll be drawing the comic. That should be fun! Imagine your child's drawing skill, or perhaps your dog's.

It's not like you people are actual customers or anything, but I have grown accustomed to your twice weekly affirmations of my value.

See ya in the game

Oh. The photo is of my older brother Jim, and his family. Jim is just home from 9 months in Iraq, and he narrowly survived a suicide bombing attack in February. I'll get to see them all in about a month.

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