Monday, June 4, 2007

Missing In-action

Grrr. I was in a very bloggy mood, and then I got interrupted. I hate that. It's nobody's fault really (wife), but I had all these thoughts in my head, spinning like one of those Romanian circus guys who keep the plates balanced. And then "Oh just one thing I forgot to tell you...." and CRASH! There goes the dinner-ware, and we'll spend the rest of the week doing wound repair on our feet and eating from styrofoam containers.

So you get the cold left-overs of my mind, instead of the gourmet concepts I was preparing, to be served out on fancy silver spoons with just the right wine. It was to be "how do you think the EVE market will respond to the recent trend in tech 2 invention, now that Revelations 2 is in it's final stages?" But now all I've got is "
I really don't like blowing up."

On that note:
I really don't like blowing up.

Hope you like the comic. My first "solo" comic, although Sayid dropped by on his way out of state, and we had a good laugh and came up with a couple humorous tweaks to it.


thephillipshome said...


So am I reading those kill reports wrong, or do you really suck? ;)


Orontes said...

No, you're reading them right. I really suck. Why don't you get a two week trial and I can show you how much.

Anonymous said...

Why did ya not include the kills you and me got. makes ye look alittle less sucky... allthough you did forget to launche yer drones ;)

Orontes said...

Because battleclinic wouldn't find them. I loaded them, but they still didn't show up. I need to recheck and see if they're up now, or at least if mine is. I'm surely no expert at posting killmails; I'm usually the victim.