Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Muster the Troops

Note: Sorry for the late posting on the blog and comic. I know that some of your lives depended on it. It took a couple extra days to get everything just right, and I hope you enjoy it.

Before Oro left on vacation, he and I talked about possible scripts and storylines for this week. Many were quite good and highly topical, drawing from recent developments in the Revelations patch. There certainly is a lot to talk about, and if you read the forums or Eve-Tribune, you'll find a wide range of opinions on these matters. Obviously, today's comic ignores these events completely, and instead continues the dramatic turn we took previously. I do not doubt that when Oro returns, he'll put his foot down and we'll cease this foolishness. It has been fun to indulge in the comic, but I doubt Oro will ever leave me in charge again.

It's been equally fun to indulge in playing Eve given that events in my RL have calmed down. There's nothing quite like a marathon Eve-session when you've been away for as long as I have. I get to see the game through refreshed eyes and with renewed purpose. And of course, it's great to be around everyone again. The best part of Eve isn't the spaceships, blowing stuff up, or even the exotic dancers. It's the people. And it never ceases to amaze me how helpful everyone is. Veterans assist noobs, of course, but the greenhorns do what they can as well. Even many pirates will tell you how you were podded so quickly if you ask politely.

Which takes us back to the comic. Tuesday left us with a man down, which is simply not the ACU way. Either we'll bring him back or, more likely, all end up as frozen corpses. In either case, you can be sure it'll be fun.


SmegB said...

Good job on the comic matey. Unfortunately, you're not getting paid for it because we spent your salary on alcohol and other entertainment while we sat and waited 2 extra days for the bloody thing to arrive :)

Oh, and no-one in their right mind would believe that you or anyone else would leave a hot dancing girl to go rescue Mojo. Let the git get podded, we wanna see some boobs!

Orontes said...

Two days late? TWO DAYS. While I was engaged in marathon games of hide and seek, fishing, beer-drinking and tall tale telling, you were slacking?

When I get back to Texas, we're gonna have to spank somebody...