Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Fandom Menace

I can't tell you had good it feels to post a comic.

Sorry about last Thursday all. I'm adjusting to a new, far less regular schedule, and I'm not adjusting quickly. Sayid was away last week as well. Apparently taking his wife to see a giant hole in the ground is more important than our comic....

I'm afraid I haven't been playing EVE much this week, I'm grinding out a 20+ day training (lvl 5 cruiser) and it's just too depressing to to log on and see how little percent complete the skill is. Also I'm still moping from when Smeg and I dumbly jumped through hostile gate camp with our smart clones. Nothing like watching 60mil in implants vanish. I know others have lost more, but I'm still feeling pissy.

Since I haven't seen many/most of you in the last week, I'm not sure what the corp news is. Hopefully I'll be on some on Wednesday, and can hear the juicy stories. I will only allow Sayid to play EVE if it doesn't interfere with his comics work.

I want to thank you for your patience. Several of you told me that the lack of a comic has affected your lives in adverse ways, both social and professional. Ironicallly, two weeks of tribulations with the comic has refocused us, and I think we'll make the next couple weeks worthwhile. Sayid's road-trip began and ended with a stop-over at my house, so we hammered out the rest of the month, story-wise. So that means I get to kick-back and do nothing, while he slaves away at all the drawing. Poor hand-cramped Sayid. If he'd bothered learning to spell in school, he could have been the writer.

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