Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mo Drama

First off, let me say that this comic is probably doubly disappointing to Mojo. Not only does he get the raw end of the deal, but Lilith does not appear at all, clothed or otherwise. Maybe Thursday will be better in this respect. I must say, however, that as far as I know, this comic is completely fictitious. As of this writing, Mojo has yet to lose his Cardari Navy Raven, and as long as he doesn't loan it to Smeg, odds are Mojo will have it for at least another week. why is Mojo the protagonist? Why the hell not? He sure is fun to draw.

The more observant amongst you will have noticed the absence of Oro's blog posting as well as anything that resembles quality writing in the comic. Apparently he's gone this week on some questionable RL pretenses like vacations. In any event, the lack-of-humor, excess drama, and overall shoddy dialogue can be blamed entirely on him. I had to do everything without Oro, so if you're unhappy, you should flood him with hate-mail to that effect. Of course, if you actually liked this comic, you're still allowed to send Oro hate-mail.

But back to our story: you may be wondering who hunted our innocent and brave Mojo down, since the ACU doesn't really have any enemies. If we are defined by those opposing us, then it begs the question of how are we defined as a corp? I'm not complaining about our lack of enemies, mind you. I like being able to fly freely throughout the galaxy knowing that if I get podded, it's probably my own damn fault. Of course, I'll still blame Oro.



Anonymous said...

Great comic Sayid, and good blog too. I actually don't mind being the protagonist, although it would be nice to win one occasionally :-)

Mojo is a big character, so it is natural that he should pay the price for his lack of humility.

What you may not realise is that Mojo is also the ACU Diplo guy, and the reason why we don't have lots of enemies is in part due to Mojo's tireless work on behalf of this corp he loves so much.

BTW as I am writing this at work, and am currently inhabiting my RL persona, I don't feel it is wrong to talk about Mojo in the 3rd person :-)

You are absolutely right about one thing though Sayid, there is nothing in Eve or on Earth that can't be improved by the presence of a certain Lilith Eden. Did I mention how much I miss her :-)


Orontes said...

WTF? I go AFK for a few days of RL and the 'word' pwned gets used in the comic. I'm gonna have to cut this vacation short. IIRC I was planning on staying away for 2 weeks for some well needed rest. But now I better get back before the comic get haxxored. There can be only one11111eleventy11111won!!!!!1.

Orontes said...

Oh, beautiful comic by the way. Get much house cleaning done?