Thursday, June 21, 2007

Return of the Artguy

Phew. That's that. We've survived our longest story arc, and the big new EVE upgrade. They were both buggy, they both took way too much time, but I think we can judge them both successes. For our next trick, Sayid and I are going to attempt to over-clock the comic strip. So if you hit the overdrive button, each character will have a unique bonus. Mojo of course, will talk more, Sayid becomes COMPLETELY invisible, and Oro just blows up. And the only risks of this new feature will be a random chance that your computer will melt. Oh, and sterility.

In the few brief moments I was on today, people seem to be excited and taking advantage of all the new toys. I know we've at least looked at a lvl 5 mission (Kris put the link to the screeny you took in comments and I'll link it here). No one had died yet by the time I went to work, but it was still early. Sayid tells me he managed to get his Craptor going 6000m/s. I'm excited to explore bold new ways to waste my isk in the loyalty points store: Be the first to buy a +5 Charisma implant!! Yours for only 100K loyalty points!! It will be really interesting to see the market changes now that the LP store gives us consumers more power. But I'll save you all the market nerdity.

I'm off on vacation, and Sayid is fully in charge of comic and blog next week. Please be kind: pretend to laugh. I'll explain the jokes when I get back.

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Mike said...

Hi Oro & Sayid, Fantastic past set of comics. been really good I've thoroughly enjoyed them.

The address for the screen shot of the level 5 mission is here:

level 5 screen shot

Note how myself and Smeg are in condors :) thats how brave we are.

Keep up the good work.