Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Apologies

We meant to continue the storyline. We really did. But the nasty tricksy thing called "Real Life" got in the way. That, and both Oro and I wanted to actually play Eve instead of just drawing about it. So that's why the current storyline is on hold.

Never fear, we will finish the current story. In the meantime, we've convinced Lilith to say a few words on our behalf.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Domi's Suck

A scout's role is not an easy one, especially in a combat situation. The scout is the eyes, and the brains of an activity that, let's face it, is mostly penis-driven. Nobody really listens to the brain, decides with the brain, when the insults fly, or the girl is hot. Men just act. And that's why Penicillin was invented.

Sayid and I spent an insane amount of time on this story. So you people better like it, or so help me G-d, I will turn this story-arc around and we'll go back home!

An interesting way of calculating how Sayid and I spend our time would be the number of minutes we spend CREATING a comic, compared to the number of eye-ball minutes spent READING the comic: since we have like 10 active followers, and the comic takes, at most, 15 seconds to read, that's 150 man-seconds, or 2-1/2 man-minutes spent enjoying the finished work.

Now we spent almost 3 hours on the phone Sunday night
(3 hours x 60 minutes x 2 people = 360 minutes)

Another 3 hours when I got off work (360 minutes more), plus the 5 hours Sayid spent sketching today (300 more), and the 1 hour I spent getting screenies this morning BEFORE work (60)
So this episode absorbed 360+360+300+60 = 1080 minutes to produce.

If we divide our time making by your time enjoying (1080/2.5 = 432) we see just how much Sayid and I invest in each one of you, our friends and loyal readers.
If we divided..... 2.5 by 1080.... we show a 0.0023 quotient of efficiency. So please, spend a few more seconds with the comic, or tell 173 of your closest friends to check us out, because our ratio's are sucky. (No, I didn't really read that Wikipedia article I linked above.)

Actually, those numbers don't account for how much fun this comic is to draw/write, so we actually win the numbers game. Writing these comics our way to live in the EVE world when we're at work, or with our wives, which is sometimes work (just kidding honey).

Keeping with the "living in EVE when not actually playing EVE" theme, is anyone paying for the EVE-TV, and is it worth it? I don't get EON magazine either, so I'd be interested in reviews and recommendations for that while you're at it. Come on people, there's a comment section




Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Four Horseman of Something

First, I want to thank Sayid for outing me. Yes I am, in fact, a dancing paper cutout. Someone has waaaay too much free time this summer, and it's not me.

Hope you guys don't mind the current "dramatic" storyline. We're having a lot of fun exploring the limits of our drawing and writing styles, and I understand we may have caused some confusion. So yes, Sub, who is the CEO of our corp, was the guy at the podium, in the last comic. Next time I'll have Sayid, draw a "Hello, my name is SubTig" nametag. And perhaps a hat. Actually, we do realise that when we change styles, it can be hard, and obviously you guys don't spend as much time thinking about this comic as we do. The women in your life probably appreciate that.

Since I don't actually have time to play EVE currently, I'm living my life thru forums and EVE-Trib. I'd like to refer you to two articles in this weeks issue talking about the bad-ass ships I fly. Well, would fly if I had time to play. sigh.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dancing Queen

Ever wonder what Oro does on his days off?

Now you know.

Squadron of the Dumbed

We now resume our regular plot...already in progress.  We hope last weeks dearth of comic has not caused undue strain on you social lives. Time spent with real people can be an adjustment. Speaking for myself, the less I talk with my wife, the more she likes me.

I am still scrambling to find time to play EVE since my vacation, so I have yet to really take advantage of any of the new features that Rev 2.0 has to offer. I know Sayid has trained up thermodynamics, but he has so far NOT boiled his mid-slots into unusable slag.  We did have one recent incident where overheating would have been appropriate, but sadly, he forgot to push the little button, and instead ended in his pod.  

Sayid is essentially an EVE luddite: but he's finally come around and done lvl 3 and lvl 4 missions.  I talked him into it, but he doesn't know he's isk-whoring, so be sure not to tell him.  He thinks we're are doing research into the synergistic synergies of synergism.  We haven't actually completed the lvl 4, but it's a hard one: "The Assault".  Sayid's doing it in a Caracal, so it's more of an experiment in the possible, rather than the efficient.  Lvl 4 missions in a Caracal takes a Ph.D. in aggro management, and Sayid entered the deadspace with a correspondence course diploma.  It may not be surprising to YOU how fast 3 battleships and 7 cruisers eat through a Caracal's shield, but I assure you, it was to him.  Luckily Caracals can be bought in bulk in the Domain. 

We used EVE-voice today, which is easy enough, although not as easy as sitting in the same room, which we did last week.  At least over EVE-voice, Sayid can be muted.  

I've not had the pleasure of meeting them yet, but I'm told we have a couple of new Yanks in the corp. So welcome to Banith and hackn. I want to urge you to do lots of dumb things; the comic is always in need of material. Be warned though, you've got to get up pretty early to be dumber than the rest of us.  

In the shrinkage department, I'd like to tell any former corp members who may be reading this that though Sayid and I will no longer have first hand knowledge of your stupidity, you will remain as hapless and poorly skilled as ever in our hearts, and in our comic. Godspeed Carita and Smeg.  Remember to fit expensive gear and talk smack in local.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

America Day

So we've been a little busy-deal with it, or we'll come and invade your country too. Don't think we won't, because we will; we know where you live.

If you haven't already figured it out, this 4th of July comic, like our Easter Comic, is not strictly canonical. We will resume the story of Mojo's gankage next week, but this week we just really haven't had time to dedicate to a proper story, and we want to get it JUST right. For those of you who are wondering, Sayid and I did NOT discuss the plots of the comics before I went on vacation. He surprised me with them, just like I did to him when he went away. In both cases, the comic sort of generated it's own momentum and just had to turn into a complete story arc. That's the honest truth. Sometimes these characters just get themselves into the dumbest situations, and we just kind of talk about how they'll get out, then we draw it. I never really understood it before, when authors talked about characters 'writing themselves' but these guys are starting to feel real. These comic abstractions of video-game images, of 'real' people, now seem to living lives of their own, deep beneath the layers of tin-foil keeping the CIA at bay.

Speaking of imaginary people, we'd like to welcome Willem Jak to the cast of StrongandMighty. We expect big things from him in the future.

Oops! We did it again

Sorry gang: no comic today. I'm still getting settled in after returning from holiday (it was great, thanks for asking) and Sayid is no longer allowed to write comics on his own, after his boob-fest last week.

We should have a special edition up for Wednesday though.