Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Four Horseman of Something

First, I want to thank Sayid for outing me. Yes I am, in fact, a dancing paper cutout. Someone has waaaay too much free time this summer, and it's not me.

Hope you guys don't mind the current "dramatic" storyline. We're having a lot of fun exploring the limits of our drawing and writing styles, and I understand we may have caused some confusion. So yes, Sub, who is the CEO of our corp, was the guy at the podium, in the last comic. Next time I'll have Sayid, draw a "Hello, my name is SubTig" nametag. And perhaps a hat. Actually, we do realise that when we change styles, it can be hard, and obviously you guys don't spend as much time thinking about this comic as we do. The women in your life probably appreciate that.

Since I don't actually have time to play EVE currently, I'm living my life thru forums and EVE-Trib. I'd like to refer you to two articles in this weeks issue talking about the bad-ass ships I fly. Well, would fly if I had time to play. sigh.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've been flying that ferox waaaaaay too long.

So, for the record, *my* confusion was less about sub and more about the other two horsemen... I'll be very interested in the outcome. Quite sure it'll be creative and fun.

Good Job as usual Sayid-Oro (or is it Oro-Sayid?) And wait, just the other day Oro claimed he was Sayid's alt. Boy am I confused.