Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Squadron of the Dumbed

We now resume our regular plot...already in progress.  We hope last weeks dearth of comic has not caused undue strain on you social lives. Time spent with real people can be an adjustment. Speaking for myself, the less I talk with my wife, the more she likes me.

I am still scrambling to find time to play EVE since my vacation, so I have yet to really take advantage of any of the new features that Rev 2.0 has to offer. I know Sayid has trained up thermodynamics, but he has so far NOT boiled his mid-slots into unusable slag.  We did have one recent incident where overheating would have been appropriate, but sadly, he forgot to push the little button, and instead ended in his pod.  

Sayid is essentially an EVE luddite: but he's finally come around and done lvl 3 and lvl 4 missions.  I talked him into it, but he doesn't know he's isk-whoring, so be sure not to tell him.  He thinks we're are doing research into the synergistic synergies of synergism.  We haven't actually completed the lvl 4, but it's a hard one: "The Assault".  Sayid's doing it in a Caracal, so it's more of an experiment in the possible, rather than the efficient.  Lvl 4 missions in a Caracal takes a Ph.D. in aggro management, and Sayid entered the deadspace with a correspondence course diploma.  It may not be surprising to YOU how fast 3 battleships and 7 cruisers eat through a Caracal's shield, but I assure you, it was to him.  Luckily Caracals can be bought in bulk in the Domain. 

We used EVE-voice today, which is easy enough, although not as easy as sitting in the same room, which we did last week.  At least over EVE-voice, Sayid can be muted.  

I've not had the pleasure of meeting them yet, but I'm told we have a couple of new Yanks in the corp. So welcome to Banith and hackn. I want to urge you to do lots of dumb things; the comic is always in need of material. Be warned though, you've got to get up pretty early to be dumber than the rest of us.  

In the shrinkage department, I'd like to tell any former corp members who may be reading this that though Sayid and I will no longer have first hand knowledge of your stupidity, you will remain as hapless and poorly skilled as ever in our hearts, and in our comic. Godspeed Carita and Smeg.  Remember to fit expensive gear and talk smack in local.

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