Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Domi's Suck

A scout's role is not an easy one, especially in a combat situation. The scout is the eyes, and the brains of an activity that, let's face it, is mostly penis-driven. Nobody really listens to the brain, decides with the brain, when the insults fly, or the girl is hot. Men just act. And that's why Penicillin was invented.

Sayid and I spent an insane amount of time on this story. So you people better like it, or so help me G-d, I will turn this story-arc around and we'll go back home!

An interesting way of calculating how Sayid and I spend our time would be the number of minutes we spend CREATING a comic, compared to the number of eye-ball minutes spent READING the comic: since we have like 10 active followers, and the comic takes, at most, 15 seconds to read, that's 150 man-seconds, or 2-1/2 man-minutes spent enjoying the finished work.

Now we spent almost 3 hours on the phone Sunday night
(3 hours x 60 minutes x 2 people = 360 minutes)

Another 3 hours when I got off work (360 minutes more), plus the 5 hours Sayid spent sketching today (300 more), and the 1 hour I spent getting screenies this morning BEFORE work (60)
So this episode absorbed 360+360+300+60 = 1080 minutes to produce.

If we divide our time making by your time enjoying (1080/2.5 = 432) we see just how much Sayid and I invest in each one of you, our friends and loyal readers.
If we divided..... 2.5 by 1080.... we show a 0.0023 quotient of efficiency. So please, spend a few more seconds with the comic, or tell 173 of your closest friends to check us out, because our ratio's are sucky. (No, I didn't really read that Wikipedia article I linked above.)

Actually, those numbers don't account for how much fun this comic is to draw/write, so we actually win the numbers game. Writing these comics our way to live in the EVE world when we're at work, or with our wives, which is sometimes work (just kidding honey).

Keeping with the "living in EVE when not actually playing EVE" theme, is anyone paying for the EVE-TV, and is it worth it? I don't get EON magazine either, so I'd be interested in reviews and recommendations for that while you're at it. Come on people, there's a comment section





Anonymous said...

Guys I am loving this story arc, and it is extremely well drawn and written. As for the length of time it has taken you to produce each episode, I would point out that this is insignificant compared to the year I have been playing and dying to provide you with material for your comic :-)

What you forget to mention is that this comic is a labour of love for youvand although it takes an eyeblink to read, the pleasure it provides lingers for much longer.

It is quite strange for me to see Mojo's adventures and wonder what is going to happen to him next because I AM MOJO.

Anyway I need to get back to work. See you all online.


Anonymous said...

I really love the comic! You can add 1 to your figure of people reading it. :D


SubTig said...

Hey guys,

EON is worth reading, comes out every few months, nice glossy cover blah blah.

Don't know about eve-tv but it's cheap as chips so like Ben Stiller says in starksy and Hutch, "do it, just do it" or was that nike??????

Peri said...

Well said.