Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Muster the Troops

Note: Sorry for the late posting on the blog and comic. I know that some of your lives depended on it. It took a couple extra days to get everything just right, and I hope you enjoy it.

Before Oro left on vacation, he and I talked about possible scripts and storylines for this week. Many were quite good and highly topical, drawing from recent developments in the Revelations patch. There certainly is a lot to talk about, and if you read the forums or Eve-Tribune, you'll find a wide range of opinions on these matters. Obviously, today's comic ignores these events completely, and instead continues the dramatic turn we took previously. I do not doubt that when Oro returns, he'll put his foot down and we'll cease this foolishness. It has been fun to indulge in the comic, but I doubt Oro will ever leave me in charge again.

It's been equally fun to indulge in playing Eve given that events in my RL have calmed down. There's nothing quite like a marathon Eve-session when you've been away for as long as I have. I get to see the game through refreshed eyes and with renewed purpose. And of course, it's great to be around everyone again. The best part of Eve isn't the spaceships, blowing stuff up, or even the exotic dancers. It's the people. And it never ceases to amaze me how helpful everyone is. Veterans assist noobs, of course, but the greenhorns do what they can as well. Even many pirates will tell you how you were podded so quickly if you ask politely.

Which takes us back to the comic. Tuesday left us with a man down, which is simply not the ACU way. Either we'll bring him back or, more likely, all end up as frozen corpses. In either case, you can be sure it'll be fun.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mo Drama

First off, let me say that this comic is probably doubly disappointing to Mojo. Not only does he get the raw end of the deal, but Lilith does not appear at all, clothed or otherwise. Maybe Thursday will be better in this respect. I must say, however, that as far as I know, this comic is completely fictitious. As of this writing, Mojo has yet to lose his Cardari Navy Raven, and as long as he doesn't loan it to Smeg, odds are Mojo will have it for at least another week. why is Mojo the protagonist? Why the hell not? He sure is fun to draw.

The more observant amongst you will have noticed the absence of Oro's blog posting as well as anything that resembles quality writing in the comic. Apparently he's gone this week on some questionable RL pretenses like vacations. In any event, the lack-of-humor, excess drama, and overall shoddy dialogue can be blamed entirely on him. I had to do everything without Oro, so if you're unhappy, you should flood him with hate-mail to that effect. Of course, if you actually liked this comic, you're still allowed to send Oro hate-mail.

But back to our story: you may be wondering who hunted our innocent and brave Mojo down, since the ACU doesn't really have any enemies. If we are defined by those opposing us, then it begs the question of how are we defined as a corp? I'm not complaining about our lack of enemies, mind you. I like being able to fly freely throughout the galaxy knowing that if I get podded, it's probably my own damn fault. Of course, I'll still blame Oro.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Return of the Artguy

Phew. That's that. We've survived our longest story arc, and the big new EVE upgrade. They were both buggy, they both took way too much time, but I think we can judge them both successes. For our next trick, Sayid and I are going to attempt to over-clock the comic strip. So if you hit the overdrive button, each character will have a unique bonus. Mojo of course, will talk more, Sayid becomes COMPLETELY invisible, and Oro just blows up. And the only risks of this new feature will be a random chance that your computer will melt. Oh, and sterility.

In the few brief moments I was on today, people seem to be excited and taking advantage of all the new toys. I know we've at least looked at a lvl 5 mission (Kris put the link to the screeny you took in comments and I'll link it here). No one had died yet by the time I went to work, but it was still early. Sayid tells me he managed to get his Craptor going 6000m/s. I'm excited to explore bold new ways to waste my isk in the loyalty points store: Be the first to buy a +5 Charisma implant!! Yours for only 100K loyalty points!! It will be really interesting to see the market changes now that the LP store gives us consumers more power. But I'll save you all the market nerdity.

I'm off on vacation, and Sayid is fully in charge of comic and blog next week. Please be kind: pretend to laugh. I'll explain the jokes when I get back.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Dateline Derelik: We had another corp PVP op Monday. As usual, we concluded almost 90 minutes of complete boredom by leaving Mojo behind in a gang warp. Soon after, he was engaged at the gate by one Battleship, two Command Ships, one Recon Ship and one Battle-cruiser. Our reinforcements flew in to "rescue" him, and the results were as you would expect. So another glorious streamer added to the ACU banner. To quote the senior pilot on the op "I just want to see a ship explode tonight... I don't really care if it's mine." It was. On a miraculous note, I survived the encounter. Weather report from Hell to follow.

Thanks for the praise for last weeks comics; it's so nice when the audience obeys the "applause" sign. As of yet, there's no need to donate to our legal-defense fund. In this comic, we've again stolen from out betters, and we want to give full credit. This comic contains a cameo appearance by Gabe, the illustrator from Penny Arcade. And by cameo, I mean we have kidnapped his image without any right at all. The Eye of Sauron is also shamelessly stolen from them. These guys are THE GUYS. They practically invented web-comics, or they were present while the angels were still planting dinosaur bones into the still molten core of web-comics, at any rate. If the internet had any justice whatsoever, I wouldn't even be allowed to link from this blog to their site. My computer would burst aflame, and the mouse swing up, as if propelled by magic, to hoe-slap me. Thus is the nature of their expertise in relation to our amatuerity (which apparently is not really a word). I would, as I did with Mr. George Lucas, like to thank them, in advance, for not bothering to crush us like the plagaristic swine that we so clearly are.

Moving on to topics NOT involving criminal and financial penalties; it's patch day! Hopefully, as you read this, you are creeping towards completion of Battleship V, or Clarity V, or some other ungodly long skill. If not, you have my condolences. You are, truly, stupid. If it's any help I know that at least 3 of the senior guys screwed up and will be riding out the patch downtime in the dumbest clones they own. Boo-hoo. I suppose that's a bit like reading about Paris Hilton's travails, while you await your next water-boarding at Gitmo. When you do finally get the chance to log back on, please (and I can't believe I'm saying this) follow Mojo's advice: DON'T buy anything on the market; DON'T do any mission you know you can survive through a server lag-crash. The first 24 hours will be odd, and uncomfortable. Think about new shoes. Sure they look great, and sure you bought them so you could finally get out there and start jogging. But take it slow. Stretch out. You don't want to be 3 miles from home with blisters on your feet and wild dogs on your tail. Or something. That analogy is a bit strained. I'm not sure EVE has ever been compared to feet before now. But that constant nasty itching sensation of athletes foot does seem a bit Mojo-esque.

See ya'll on the other side of the patch on Thursday.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


We'd like to start this blog off with a request: Please, please, please don't sue us, Mr. Lucas. You guys may think I'm joking, but I'm not. So I'd like to explicitly state that we have created likenesses of several Star Wars characters in this comic (if that comes as a surprise, I think you need to study up.) The other reason we are giving attribution here to Mr. Lucas and his team is that we feel like, having put out 20+ comics, that we need to think like professionals. If someone stole/copied our work, I know we'd be upset. OK, first we'd be really flattered that someone noticed, then we'd go all medieval on them.

Another thought: do you have a profession in EVE? The dev's always seem to make mention of professions, usually in reference to 'mini-professions' like salvaging or invention. You guys know that I do some mission running, some mining, some production, even some PVP. All I have is mini-professions. Makes me very flexible, but not an expert in any one thing, which Sayid will confirm is true in RL also. Last night I was 'complaining' to Kerth that I can make just about 5 million isk per hour in a variety of ways, but can't seem to break that limit. I am omni-mediocre. I'm wondering what paths others are taking, and if you find what you do in EVE is getting broader, or more narrowed?

We've seen a drop off in comments recently. I'm not sure if that's because people aren't reading the blog, or if we've scared people off, or if it's just because neither Sayid nor I have been around lately. No matter what the reason, we miss you. So I am officially re-inviting your comments. And since the previous paragraph ended with a question, none of you have an excuse.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Fandom Menace

I can't tell you had good it feels to post a comic.

Sorry about last Thursday all. I'm adjusting to a new, far less regular schedule, and I'm not adjusting quickly. Sayid was away last week as well. Apparently taking his wife to see a giant hole in the ground is more important than our comic....

I'm afraid I haven't been playing EVE much this week, I'm grinding out a 20+ day training (lvl 5 cruiser) and it's just too depressing to to log on and see how little percent complete the skill is. Also I'm still moping from when Smeg and I dumbly jumped through hostile gate camp with our smart clones. Nothing like watching 60mil in implants vanish. I know others have lost more, but I'm still feeling pissy.

Since I haven't seen many/most of you in the last week, I'm not sure what the corp news is. Hopefully I'll be on some on Wednesday, and can hear the juicy stories. I will only allow Sayid to play EVE if it doesn't interfere with his comics work.

I want to thank you for your patience. Several of you told me that the lack of a comic has affected your lives in adverse ways, both social and professional. Ironicallly, two weeks of tribulations with the comic has refocused us, and I think we'll make the next couple weeks worthwhile. Sayid's road-trip began and ended with a stop-over at my house, so we hammered out the rest of the month, story-wise. So that means I get to kick-back and do nothing, while he slaves away at all the drawing. Poor hand-cramped Sayid. If he'd bothered learning to spell in school, he could have been the writer.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

A non-comical experience

Sorry gang. No comic/blog for today (Thursday June 7th). I'm getting my ass kicked at work this week. Between that and Sayid being on vacation, I just didn't have energy to do anything creative.

Rest assured. My shame is deep. We shall not fail you again. Well, we probably will, but we'll feel bad again, I promise.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Missing In-action

Grrr. I was in a very bloggy mood, and then I got interrupted. I hate that. It's nobody's fault really (wife), but I had all these thoughts in my head, spinning like one of those Romanian circus guys who keep the plates balanced. And then "Oh just one thing I forgot to tell you...." and CRASH! There goes the dinner-ware, and we'll spend the rest of the week doing wound repair on our feet and eating from styrofoam containers.

So you get the cold left-overs of my mind, instead of the gourmet concepts I was preparing, to be served out on fancy silver spoons with just the right wine. It was to be "how do you think the EVE market will respond to the recent trend in tech 2 invention, now that Revelations 2 is in it's final stages?" But now all I've got is "
I really don't like blowing up."

On that note:
I really don't like blowing up.

Hope you like the comic. My first "solo" comic, although Sayid dropped by on his way out of state, and we had a good laugh and came up with a couple humorous tweaks to it.